APEX 250 Compact High Performance Ribbon

APEX 250 Compact High Performance Ribbon

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The Apex250 delivers the high fidelity performance of a traditional large element ribbon microphone in a compact, rugged body design and enhanced integrated windscreen. Designed for the studio, but built rugged enough for the road, the Apex250 handles high SPL sources with stunning clarity and precision.

The lightweight aluminum ribbon element offers an extremely wide dynamic range with an unmatched frequency response, making it a truly versatile microphone for any audio engineer's toolkit.

  • Large Element Ribbon Microphone Design
  • Rugged Heavy Duty Chassis and All-Metal Windscreen
  • Full Figure-8 Polar Pattern
  • Wide Dynamic Range with Extended Low Frequency Response
  • Included
  • IMC-11 Shockmount
  • Deluxe Alumminum Case

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