Elenco dei prodotti per la marca MAJIK BOX

Dave Simpson, the engineering half of the duo, spent many nights, hunched over first a coffee table, then eventually a work bench, finding the right cap, the right resistor, the perfect op amp to create a box that would deliver the exact sound he was looking for. This went on for years as Dave became a renowned modifier of pedals and subsequently began branching out to design original pedals.

Rob Nishida, the head of artist relations and marketing for Hoshino USA Inc., in Los Angeles (Ibanez Guitars) for 15+ years, had invaluable experience in the MI industry, bringing new artists into the Ibanez fold as endorsers and keeping them happy once they were there. Dealing with high profile guitarists and bassists on a daily basis and helping artists achieve their signature tones kept Rob very plugged into what artists expected from their gear.