Elenco dei prodotti per la marca DR STRINGS

Since 1989, DR HandMade Strings has been dedicated to making wonderful sounding handmade strings. The idea is that great sound inspires a musician to play better and longer, while enjoying themselves even more.

Many of us at DR HandMade Strings are players. It is from our own playing experience, our own obsession with music, as well as the highly valued input from many players worldwide that encourage us at DR to continually strive and increase the range of sounds available to guitar and bass players.

DR makes a diverse range of types and models of strings because each one does clearly provide a different sound and feel for the many styles of playing and players.

DR’s goal is to recreate the very best of old fashioned handmade craftsmanship and combine that with the most technically advanced materials and/or coatings available to transcend the boundaries of the string making process.