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Treble Booster.

The BSM OR model is based on the Orange Treble & Bass booster made in the late 60's in England, as used by David Gilmour in Pink Floyd. The OR model includes a tone control which allows an extraoridinary amount of versatility. When set to maximum, the unit produces a very glassy tone. When a middle setting is dialed in, the result is a punchy tone with a mids emphasis. When set to minimum, the unit produces a very bassy tone with a fat bottom end. When used with a good tube amp, the unit is capable of producing the tone which helped create epochal masterpieces such as "Umma Gumma"(1969), "Meddle" (1971) and "Dark Side of The Moon"(1973). Wishbone Ash"s Andy Powell and Ted Turner were also dedicated users of the original Orange Treble & Bass booster, which helped create the band's searing dual guitar harmonic rock style like on the famous album "Argus", which was voted in british polls as "Best Album of the Year" (1972) or "Live Dates" (1973). The long yearned for new edition, now issued under the name OR from BSM, includes the same germanium transistors as the original 1960's version.

Almost all British rock guitarists using single coil pickup guitars used some type of germanium booster from the late 60's to the mid 70's. By the end of the seventies, these boosters were replaced by a new circuit from Japan, the so called Tube Screamer and other similar overdrive circuits. These were based on the old boosters and therefore had a very similar frequency response. The germanium boosters on the other hand, sadly fell into oblivion despite their unique and inimitable sound. It is of interest to note that David Gilmour used the Orange Treble and Bass Booster to drive a new 100 watt Sound City stack, later replaced by a 100 watt Hiwatt stack. Andy Powell and Ted Turner used 100 watt Orange stacks.

The Treble and Bass Booster is inserted between guitar and amplifier, not into the FX loop. The magical tone is achieved by the interaction between guitar pickup, booster and amplifier. The unit is powered by a 9V battery with a current consumption of approx. 400 uA. The average output level is 9dBm, the maximum output voltage when the strings are struck really hard is 7V max. Note: The positive pole of the battery is ground




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