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Are you ready to go back in time to that lustrous era made of spandex pants, crazy hairstyles
and head-flipping guitar tracks? Well, you’re in the right place. The Eighty Master will take
you back where the grass is green and the girls are pretty, but most importantly where the
distortions are huge, powerful and ready to make your neighbor’s wall shake.

The Eighty Master is an harmonically rich and organic distortion that will respond both to the
slightest change in your picking and to the volume knob of your instrument. Just by using the
volume knob of your guitar it’ll take you from bluesy breakup, “Plexi-like”, overdrive sounds
to high-gain Brit-style kind of tones. The Eighty Master is not “just” a distortion pedal, it is - in
fact - an amp-in-a-box kind of distortion, with a full 3 band EQ set, a power scaling toggleswitch
and a compression stage.

The Modeling control is the trick up the Eighty’s sleeve, and it’s going to allow you to adjust
the voice of the pedal according to the amplifier you’re matching it up with. Very much like
the Presence knob we know from some of our most favorite amplifiers, the Modeling control
allows you to dial in the right amount of harmonic content. Turn it clockwise and the top-end
of your sound will open up to a sparkly, bell-like- response. Turn it counter-clockwise and the
bottom-end of your tone will fatten up giving you a much punchier and and it works very
closely with the EQ section.

Another very important feature on the Eighty Master is the ability to choose between running
it at full power or scaling it down to 50%. With the Power toggle switch you can choose
between a 50w mode and a 100w mode. The first one is a more overdrive-like, and more
dynamic, mode with a little less overall gain, while the second one is meant to be the highgain
side of the Eighty Master.

Next to the Power toggle-switch you’ll find a three way Compression switch that will act as
a two stages compressor on the overall distortion sound. When the switch is set in the
middle position you are bypassing the Compression control. Thanks to an automatic optical
circuit, with the switch turned to the left position you’ll get a slightly compressed sound that
will still react in a very sensitive way to your right hand. The compression attack is
emphasized when the Mids control is set between 9 and 11 o’clock, and the Power control is
set to the 100w mode.
When the compression switch is turned to the right you’ll have maximum amount of
compression, and that will help you reach thick distortion sounds even with low output single
coil pickups (the Volume knob will need to be adjusted according to the Compression

The EQ section works as you would normally expect:
- Bass sets the amount of bass frequencies in your tone
- Mids adjusts the middle frequencies
- High adjusts the amount of higher frequencies in your tone

The Gain control allows you to determine the amount of gain of your overall tone, just like
the gain knob of an amplifier would do.

The Volume knob adjusts the overall volume.
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