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MOOER burst onto the music products scene in 2010 and has been impressing guitarists ever since. However, the company has expanded it’s horizons this year with its VP vocal processing pedal series. The MVP2 Harmonier is a powerful example of this - it’s a versatile and innovative vocal processor pedal designed to elevate both vocal and guitar performance, offering tonal precision, creativity, and convenience in one compact pedal.

At its core, the pedal offers a versatile pitch harmonizer effect. The 'Key' dial allows users to choose to harmonize their important with any note in the chromatic scale, with the 'Sharp' LED button being used to select sharp notes. Once chosen, the 'Mode' dial facilitates further customization, offering 11 different harmony modes that control the harmony's interval. This includes all classic intervals such as octaves, fifths, and thirds.

The 'Level' dial adjusts the volume of the harmonizer effect, but Harmonier offers even further tonal flexibility thanks to its reverb function. Users can press and hold the 'Sharp' button while rotating the 'Level' dial, which allows them to adjust the volume of the pedal's internal reverb module. The pedal also offers tone modes: flat, warm, and bright. These can be controlled by activating the pedal's unique 'hidden mode' and using the ‘sharp’ button.

‘Hidden mode’ is activated by pressing and holding both of the pedal’s footswitches, but this is just one example of Harmonier’s unique control system. The left footswitch can be held to save effect presets, and pressed to scroll through 7 preset slots. The right footswitch can be pressed to turn on the pedal's effects, pressed again to isolate the reverb, and held to turn off all effects except for the tone setting.

Unlike most of MOOER's pedal offerings, Harmonier supports both XLR and 1/4" inputs and outputs. These can be used in 'mixed mode' by holding the right footswitch whilst plugging in the power supply or repeating this action again to switch to 'individual mode', which isolates the signals to their given ports.

Alongside its fundamental functionalities, the pedal features a gain dial, a 48V phantom power switch designed for internal microphone amplification, a grounding switch, and a DC 9V 500mA power input. Collectively, the MVP2 Harmonier’s features guarantee that both vocalists and guitarists have all the necessary tools to augment their instrument’s sounds with stunning harmonies, without ever having to worry about the pedal’s batteries running low.




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