Elenco dei prodotti per la marca PETER FLORANCE

Voodoo Pickups is owned and operated by Peter Florance. Years ago while doing many vintage restorations I found a need for a better replacement pickup. At that time the pickups on the market didn't really meet my needs; some looked good, and others sounded OK, but they were missing that "Vintage Character"

So after a lot of research and a lot of winding I came up with a pickup that very closely mirrors the tone and character of great Vintage pickups. Voodoo pickups are completely hand made. The coils are hand built, then hand dipped, hand wound, soldered, potted, magnetized, checked and metered - for every pickup. All hand made in the USA.

These pickups are meticulously built to vintage standards. Hand assembled with specially made sand cast Alnico magnets made to vintage specs. Using wire manufactured to correct vintage specs. Hand wound to the specific vintage coil patterns. Then checked, measured and rechecked. Then aged with a special process.

I am pleased to be able to produce pickups that can consistently measure up to Vintage standards.

Peter Florance

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